Friday, December 5, 2014

[ Kpop ] Big Bang (about Taeyang)

As you Know, Taeyang won the best male Artist at MAMA of the year(2014)~!!   in 5.31 2014,  Cause he announced his regular second Solo Album (Title song: Eyes, Nose, Lips)~!!
Among Kpop Big Bang members, the only member who can do excellent hip-hop Singer and vocal Singer is Taeyang ~!!   
He have held Single concerts in Japan at last summer~!!
And recently, he announced great hit song(Good Boy) with G-Dragon and the reaction of this Collaboration song was amazing~!!
in MAMA Awards, Tayang said to G-Dragon " Dear, thank you"

Even though he has smallest body among Big Bang members.....but  Taeyang has excellent fashion Sense, and  He has participated in 2014 Paris fashion week with G-Dragon~!!
I will introduce of "Tayang" who has the most passionate musicality~!!

[ Taeyang(Dong Young-Bae), born in 1988, 173 cm ]

[ 2014.6  Taeyang, Great Hit Song( Eyes, Nose, Lips, 눈  코  입 ) MV ]

[ 2014.6 Taeyang, Hit Song(AM 1:00) MV ]

[ Taeyang, on the stage Photos ]

[ GD X Tayang,  Hit Song(Good Boy) Photos & Video ]

[ 2014.11.20  TAYANG X GD, Great Hit Song(Good Boy) MV ]
**The contents of this song is "You tell me a playboy, but Do you know me??" I'm a good boy....!!

[  Taeyang, Pop Art Pictorial Collection ]

[ 2013.11 Taeyang,  Awesome Hit Song(Ringa Linga, 링가 링가) MV ]