Sunday, August 2, 2015

[Channel SNSD] Hyoyeon's beauty makeup

Even if SNSD do anything, SNSD looks special and beautiful..!!  So, Korea cable TV Onstyle broadcast  "channel SNSD", on Each Tuesday pm : 09:00...!!
at "Channel SNSD", 8 angels show us cosmetic makeup and fashion style and cooking recipe...!!
Above all, I introduce of Hyoyeon's beauty makeup ....!!
enjoy yourself about "Channel SNSD" through the Link...!!

[ Hyoyeon's beauty makeup photos ]

Channel SNSD, Hoyeon part ^^    (Click !!!!)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

[ Star Cast ] SNSD, Comeback Single (Party)

on pm 08:00 7.7, Ahead of SNSD's Summer Comeback, they held their comeback Stage at Banyan Tree Hotel in Seoul...!!
and, SNSD released Summer Comeback Single(Party)
This comeback stage goes on air through Naver TV cast...!!
introduce Naver Star Cast (SNSD's Party)
Watch the stage of SNSD,  through link....!!

[ SNSD, teaser Pictorial

[ Comeback stage photos..... ]

SNSD, Summer Party in Seoul  ( Click !! )

[ SNSD, latest Pictorial collection ]

Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Kpop] World Star "CL" (2NE1)

CL (Lee Chaerin) born in U.S.A and now, She is a leader of fantastic hip hop girl group "2NE1"
Recently, CL was well known in America Pop sector.....!! because She has collaborated continuously with American top artists "Skrillex" and "Diplo" as a song <Dirty Vibe (더러운 기)>, <MTBD (멘붕, Mental Breakdown)> ...!!
and She will made a debut in America as a Singer at Philadelphia in 9.26, 2015
in this year, She was nominated as candidate of 100 most influential persons for the world by the United States Preview journal "Times"
Let's listen the songs of CL and watch the pictorial...!!

[ CL(Lee-Chaerin), born in 1991 ]

[ CL, Solo Song (the Baddest girl, 나쁜기집애) MV ]

[ 2014. 10  Diplo x CL, Performance ]

[ 2014.12  Skrillex, Dirty Vibe(ft. G-Dragon & CL) ]

[ CL, on the stage photos ]

[ CL, Pictorial Collection ]