Sunday, January 4, 2015

[Kpop] Rising Superstar, Jung Yong-Hwa(CNBLUE)

As hottest superstar in China Weibo, Jung Yong-Hwa (CNBLUE) has emerged now... !!
So, I will Introduce of Jung Yong-Hwa ^^
Jung Yong-Hwa debuted in 2009 as SBS Drama Talent ^^
As well as, he made a debut in 2010.1 as main vocalist of Kpop CNBLUE... !! 
Until now, Jung Yong-Hwa has done drama acting and singing together
CNBLUE is Kpop Vocal Band...!!
Recently, Jung Yong-Hwa released own fan song (Star,You, 별 그대) and After released first his solo album(title : One fine day, 어느 멋진날), and won the top Artist at SBS INKIGAYO...!!
And, He also starred in tvn TV Drama (Three Musketeers)
Jung Yong-Hwa emerged as Superstar in Korea and China,  because of his sweet voice and gentle atmosphere....!!

[ Jung Yong-Hwa, born in 1989  180 cm ]

[ Jung Yong Hwa,( One fine Day) at Arirang TV ]

[ Jung Yong Hwa, Fan Song(Star, You, 별 그대) Stage ]

[ Jung Yong Hwa, fan song Stage ]

[ Jung Yong-Hwa, Typical Starring drama in 2011, MBC (You've fallen for me, 넌 내게 반했어 & 2013, KBS (Marry him if you Dare, 미래의 선택) photos ]

[ CNBLUE, Hit Song & Live Concert Introduction ]


[ 2010.1  CNBLUE, Debut Song( I'm a loner, 외톨이야) MV ]

[ 2014.4  CNBLUE, (Can't Stop) at LA K-Pop Music Festival ]

[ Jung Yong-Hwa, Pictorial Collection ]