Thursday, January 8, 2015

[ Kpop ] Super Junior part 2 (Jo-Kyuhyun)

Kpop Super Junior made a debut in 11.5 2005 with debut Song(Super Junior 05), 
and first, Super Junior consist of 13 members, but They're 10 members now~** 
Super Junior fans Nickname is ELF(elf)...!! 
their fans(ELF) always be there, where Super Junior go.....!!
Kpop Popular legend TVXQ & Super Junior's debut exceeded over 10 years~** 
and, Stage performance of Super Junior were nearly Similar to TVXQ.. !!    
Super Junior were affected so many by TVXQ  at same SMTown^^
Among them, Jo-Kyuhyun of Super Junior is the most young & handsome member
and amazing Powerful Voiced Singer...!!
at this post, As the most youngest and the handsome member,  
I'll introduce "KyuHyun"~!!

[ Jo-Kyuhyun, born in 1988, 182 cm ]
***KyuHyun is now soaring in popularity as fixed MC of MBC entertainment program(Radio Star).......!!

[ 2014.11  Kyuhyun,  Solo Song (at Gwanghwamun, 광화문에서) MV ]
this song story is that Memories of the past old love~**

[ Jo-Kyuhyun, various musical starring ]

[Jo-Kyuhyun, various stage photos ]

[ Super Junior, Typical Hit Old Songs ]

[ 2011.11 Super Junior(Sorry Sorry) at SM Town Live in Paris ]
this song was released in 2009.8~**

[ 2010.5  Super Junior(BONAMANA, 미인아) MV ]

[ Jo-Kyuhyun,  Pictorial Collection ]