Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[ Kpop ] the most beautiful face #1 in the world (NaNa, After School)

in 2014, Among 100 beautiful face celeb, American Film magazine, "Independent Critic" elected NaNa(Kpop "After School") as the most beautiful face Winner ... !!  and NaNa had already recorded Standings # 2 in 2013
Honestly, NaNa was came from supermodel whose height 171cm, So appeared often to fashion shows...!! but, Korea peoples did not think of NaNa as the most beautiful face..!!
In terms of the beauty, there is a difference between the Eastern and Western...!!
Anyway, since the election of the most beautiful face in the world, NaNa became busy celeb now, for example, She was starring of the China Drama, and She made a unit "Orange Caramel" of Kpop "After School", has doing vigorous activities in Japan...!!
From now, introduce of NaNa who's the most beautiful face in the world...!!

[ NaNa(Im Jin-Ah), born in 1991, 171cm ]

[ The most beautiful face 2014 ]

[ Unit of After school, Orange Caramel activities ]

[  2014.3  Orange Caramel, Hit Song(Catallena, 까딸레나) MV ]

[ 2014.8  Orange Caramel, Hit Song(My Copycat, 나처럼 해봐요)  MV ]

[ NaNa, Ad model pictures ]

[ NaNa, personal fashion style ]

[ NaNa, Perfect body of supermodel in Korea ]

[ NaNa, Instagram Selfie Collection ]

[ NaNa, Cool Pictorial Collection ]

[ 2013.6  After School, Hit Song(First Love, 첫사랑) MV ]