Monday, March 2, 2015

[ Kpop ] Talk about "4minute"(Crazy)

in Kpop, Still now, The Best Hip Hop girl group is 2NE1....!!
but, in 2.2015..., Hidden Original Hip Hop Girl group "4Minute" released their 6th mini Album (title: crazy)
in this mini Album, 4minute was formally challenge to 2NE1 as Top Hip Hop group..!!
Very Talented 4Minute (5 member) made a debut in 2009, representative group of  Cube Entertainment, with popular male group "Beast" ... !!!
Hyuna of "4minute" is a outstanding treasure, and Jihyun of 4minute is actress & Singer both...!! and Gayoon of 4minute was shooting the most many pictorial because of hers beautiful face...!!
at 6th mini album of 4minute, 6 songs were made as MV..!!  So far,  4Minute express their hidden instincts all...!!
at this posts, introduce of Amazing Hip hop girl group (4Minute) ^^

[ 2015.2  4minute, (Crazy,미쳐) MV ]

[ 2015.2  4minute, (Cut it outCrazy) at M Countdown ]

[ Kim-Hyuna, born in 1992  164cm ]

[ Leader Nam-Jihyun, born in 1990, 167cm

[ Heo-Gayoon, born in 1990 165cm ]

[ Jeon-Jiyoon, born in 1990  165cm ]

[ Kown-Sohyun, born in 1994 162cm ]

[ 2014.3  4minute, Hit Song(Whatcha doin' Today, 오늘뭐해) MV ]

[ 2013.6  4minute, Hit Song( is it poppin'?, 물좋아)  MV ]