Monday, March 30, 2015

[Kpop] Talk about f(x) Amber

Since Amber was debuted  in 2009 as a member of f(x), She has received attention as outstanding rapper,and  her's boyish charm is adorable....!!
Recently, She released a solo album(Beautiful), and has a vigorous activity....!!
therefore, introduce the pictures and videos of Amber...!!

[ Amber, born in 1992 165cm, Taiwanese-American ]

[ 2015.3  Amber,Solo Album (Beautiful) MV ]
**Contents of this song are If endure the hurt , she found a  wings to fly again...!!

[ Amber, stage performances Photos ]

[ 2015.3 Amber, Hit Song( Shake that Brass ) MV ]

[ Amber, Pictorial Collection ]